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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts rice now this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> the classrooms empty and the pioneering trade school for medical marijuana is on life support. good evening. >> he is one of the identification's leading activists for the legalizing of marijuana but after a raid he said he is stepping aside. new at ten we are live with the nation's first school to teach the business of marijuana won't survive in it's current state.
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>> reporter: tonight it's a shadow of its formerself. as you can see there will be a final class tomorrow and have a final seminar in two weeks, its clear monday's raids changed everything. the university that taught 15,000 about all things marijuana is now nearly empty. >> really sad, for the employees who are losing their job, for the building owners losing rent, for oak ran that's losing a lot of tax. >> reporter: on monday morning agents raided four facilities, taking computers, files and all the marijuana. the founder said he has had enough. >> i'm just one small soldier in a big war and time for other people to pick up the flag. >> it's the best medicine for me and my symptoms. >> reporter: she is a patient who suffers m s and is
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devastated. >> especially when i saw channel 2's report on how they went in there and just no regard for the patients or the people. >> reporter: she as always supported president until now. >> i'm so disgusted with him but what can you do. >> reporter: both the patient and the the advocate mentioned monday's deadly school shooting. >> there was the shooting at same time as the raid brought home the point to many people about how that we need to use our police wisely. >> reporter: he said the raids may have been revenge for his support of proposition 19 which would have legalized pot for all difficults. live in oakland. >> about two dozen protesters staged a sit in at berkeley. about 20 from uc area high
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schools and activists the group by any means necessary demand that the university admit more minority students. organizers say they com prize about 50% of the graduates but make up only about 18% of uc berkeley freshmen. >> nothing that can excuse the turn out that we have and the campus -- it just can't be stood for this is the year 2012 and we are angry about it. >> reporter: the protest comes after a federal appeals court on monday rejected a challenge to proposition 209. the voter approved ban ona fir mannive action. >> there is late word that thomas kinkade died today at the age of 54. the popular artist favored warm scene scene scenes of gardens. art critics dismissed them as tacky but they brought in huns of millions of dollars.
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his family said list death appears to be from natural causes. . sadness in a church where hundreds attended a funeral for another victim of the shootings at oikos university. we are live where grace kim was remembered as a daughter, sister and a friend. >> reporter: the memorial service for grace kim is being held here. the services are just now wrapping up. we can see people filing out and the hearse is getting ready to receive the casket. her friends said her life was short but her impact will last a tie lime. family, friends and co workers filled the church as they came to remember grace. >> the 23-year-old lived a short but full life. her older brother said he couldn't have asked for a
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better sister. >> she was who i needed her to be when i need her. when i needed a sister, a best friend, she was there. >> reporter: friends tried to console each other. they are asking how the loving young woman who worked two jobs, bartender waitress and was close to graduating could suddenly loose her life. >> pretty devastating when you have someone doing the right things and trying to better their life and this happens. >> she was the kind of person just a bright light that made everybody's life better for knowing her. >> reporter: just five years ago kim graduated from foothill in pleasant on . >> it's just heart breaking. i can't believet. >> reporter: kim's brother spoke about his sister's ability to bring laughter to those around her. >> she is beautiful. every time you -- she is
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beautiful she would say no i'm gorgeous. i love you grace. >> reporter: friends say they will never forget what kim taught them, live life to the fullest and greet each day with a smile. grace kim will be buried tomorrow morning at the chapel of the chime cemetery in haywood. we can see the pallbearers. her coffin was just loaded in to the hearse. amber lee. >> family and friends of one of the victims have reached out to the white house now. they say they need help to bring the body of their loved one to india, a website said a relative from los angeles is in san francisco working with the indian consu late to try to bring the body home. he was outside the school when the gunman shot him in the head
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and then stole his cast. >> after four day search police say they have a key piece of evidence, the likely murder weapon. early today they recovered a gun at low tide in the mud in a creek. it's less than a half mile from the crime scene. eric says what led to the find and the new commitment being made to honor the victims. >> reporter: this moment of music and reflection that brought some to tears, also had special meaning for eye a violinist. >> very difficult. nothing to say about this. >> reporter: she teaches music at oikos that lost seven people when a former student started shooting monday morning. four days later oakland police say this shallow waterway is where they found the gun nah matches the serial number of one bought by the accused killer. a passerby alerted police after finding a gun magazine last
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night. in a written statement the police chief said hopefully this will help the families find closure and bring the case to justice. >> time to move on and a time to die. >> reporter: at this memorial school leaders read from the bible along with the names of the seven killed and released their first official statement about the shooting. >> obviously a challenging moment for young and growing institution. we will -- have only just gun to stake stock of the situation. >> reporter: she and others will-to play at a many ralph like this one six days a week for the rest of the month. today we watched someone cleaning the front steps. the harder task of cleaning the inside has started also. spring break was already scheduled for next week, today one said they are still deciding whether to resume classes after that. in oakland. >> the seven people killed in the shooting were remembered tonight at the oakland
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coliseum. there was a moment of silence for the six women and one man before the first pitch of the a's home opener. thousands stood, bowed their heads and offered silent prayer and thoughts for the victims and their families. it was a different mood across the bay at at&t park. the giants opened their doors and let fans in for free to watch the first game of the season from arizona on the big screen tv. the giants even let fans on the infield dirt, the warning track and in the dug out. one family came from hollister. >> i love the giants and it's so cool to be on the field and see where they it actually play. it's so cost. >> the fans soaked up all the thrill of watching. they were kept off the grass. later in the newscast mark will have highlights the giants and the a's game. >> it was a rough afternoon for drivers on interstate 580 in the east bay after a bus
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carrying inmates caught fire. news chopper 2 flew over the scene in san leandro about 1:00 this afternoon. traffic was backed up for miles. authorities say the bus was transporting 22 prisoners from court when the fire started. the inmate was evacuated and kept under heavy guard until they could be transferred. one of the deputies on board had to be treated for smoke inhalation. in oakland a truck ran into a building late this afternoon leaving a woman trapped inside her office. it happened just before five at the corner of 40th avenue and foothill boulevard. the truck apparently lost control and hit right in to the outer wall of the bail bonds business across the street from the oakland chapter of the hell's angels. the woman said she was pinned at her desk for a time but was not seriously hurt. and coming up in six minutes a neighborhood rattled by gun fire. the action we found one resident taking after a killing last night. >> parents and students oakland have filed a lawsuit to keep their school open.
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this is video from a week ago and ten people were arrested after a school board meeting about the closure of five oakland schools. the suit argues that closing santa fe violates the rights of avenue condition american students to get a equal education and it would waste public money spent on improvements. a college fee hike is being postponed. student protesters at santa monica were pepper sprayed tuesday when they tried to get inside a meeting to discuss the fee hike. it would have quadrupled fees for the most popular classes, this afternoon the board voted to hold off on that fee hike and take more public comments. >> a military jet hits an apartment building, the fiery scene left behind and also what prevented a major explosion. >> its clear and cool this evening. coming up the neighborhoods that will start off saturday near freezing and the temperature change you can expect in the upcoming week.
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>> has been a new development in the fremont first home received the year.
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. new video tonight, these pictures show antioch police search an area after a woman was hit by a bullet. it happened just before five this afternoon. bullets also hit two apartments where children were outside but nobody was hurt.
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no word on the condition or the name of the woman who was wounded. in fremont police are looking for suspects in that city's first homicide of the year. tonight we are hearing one resident who was so shaken is he moving out of town. lloyd is here with that and with a new sketch of the suspect he just got in the past hour. >> reporter: that's right. we have just got a police sketch of what police are calling a possible suspect. he is a african american man in miss 20s with a white t-shirt with earrings in both ears. someone has put flowers here near the spot where police say they found a man dying of a gun shot to the head shortly before 11 last night. the 20-year-old unidentified man died later at a hospital. >> boom, boomboo, m we just hit the floor. crazy. i was like -- still shaky. >> reporter: it happened onto driveway of the apartments on
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central avenue in fremont's centerville. some neighbors came out after hearing. >> we all walked over and seat guy on the ground and i tried to help him but it was to late. >> reporter: police have no suspects. >> a lot of things we will look at, one of them will be motive, why he was here, what happened, you know immediately before the shooting, whether or not its gang related. >> reporter: the neighborhood near the d many, v has had its share of violence, stabbings and shootings over the years. >> lot of cars get broke into, tires slashed, lot of grand theft. >> reporter: unrest kent dent was already planning to move but decided to leave tonight after the murder. >> you tend to -- stay inside the house more when it's late. we are out of herew. very a nice house and i'm glad we are out of here today. >> reporter: one of the residents here was a friend of one of the victims and the
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oakland mass shooting. his only comment, violence is everywhere. live in fremont. ktvu channel 2news. >> a guardian angels announced they will steeple patrols in the city of fairfield. they say it's in response to several homicides in the area including the stabbing death of 19-year-old chana watson. they plan to start the patrol late tomorrow morning. >> christian around the world are preparing for the easter sunday. >> the pope preside over good friday services at the coliseum in rome. said to draw courage and strength from the suffering of jesus. the crux fiction wascrucifixion
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was swerved in the way of the cross. some here observed the last supper. the performance is in its 35th year. >> you get a chance to kind of have a front and center seat of what it was like two thousand years ago. i think it does that in a powerful way. >> producers say it is expected to draw 40,000 people over the weekend. the jewish holiday of pass over started at sun down. scores of people gathered at the community center in north berkeley for a traditional dinner. pass over marks the start of a eight day observation. >> coke may be off the menu because of the laws on toxic chemicals. they make a version of coke that's kosher for pass over but last year had to reform late it in order to reduce a chemical that is listed as a toxic and
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they said it's products won't be ready until next year. >> a navy fighter jet crashed in to an apartment complex in virginia beach virginia setting buildings on fire. the two pilots escaped and there are no confirmed deaths or serious injuries on the ground though three are unact accounted for. the crash left dozens devastated. >> i lost everything. we don't have renter's insurance, my baby kitty was in there. >> reporter: a fighter jet crashing into an apartment complex in virginia beach. >> all the sudden there was just -- terrible loud crash and everything shook and then it the black smoke and then it just took off. it just -- the flames and everything. >> reporter: the jet assigned to oceana went down around noon. >> shortly after takeoff initial indications are that it
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sufferedda a mechanical malfunction. the specifics of which i don't want to speculate on. >> reporter: the two ejected safely. witnesses say one of them apologizes for the accident. >> his parachute was hanging on the tree and one of them said are you okay and he said i'm not really sure. he was in shock. he said i'm sorry for destroying your home. >> reporter: about 40 units damaged or destroyed but no serious injuries have been reported. the jet empties loads of fuel avoid what could have been a massive explosion. the navy said it's not clear if the fuel dump was on purpose or caused by a malfunction. back in december of 2008 the same model of jet crashed in san diego after a failure. that crash killed four people and destroyed two homes. more than 60 people have been displace from the apartment complex, a temporary shelter is
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open at a nearby school. in virginia beach. fox news. >> and in our weather we have clear skies and dropping temperatures, coolest locations cooling off in to the 40s for napa, fairfield, downtown san francisco in the upper 40s. 49 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning it'll be chilly, near freezing in santa rose a concord 37, san francisco starting out saturday. here is that chilly start for start. look what happens in to the afternoon with colors start to brighten up reflecting the warm up. 50s, 60's, even a few neighborhoods near the 70- degree mark. you can see the kems from this afternoon, look what happens tomorrow. most areas back newspaper to the mid to upper 60's. the one part of the bay area that could pick up a few sprinkles and more rain in the five-day. >> there are unanswered
10:21 pm
questions tonight around the death of a sky diver from the bay area. the 71-year-old william calhoun was killed during a jump in lodi yesterday. his chute tangled. the owner of the parachute center said it saw his parachute open to early and he didn't appear to attempt to release it and activate this his reverse. the county coroner is investigating. >> the sheriff fighting back tears. >> i miss them terriblely. i want them to be okay. >> the latest twist in a very public drama. >> they were headed for the dumpster at goodwill. their value priceless. how these love letters made their way home. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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. >> suspended sheriff san francisco fought back tears talking about his wife he hasn't been allowed to see or speak to in months. the emotional interview followed a brief appearance in court. >> reporter: the suspended sheriff was in court for about a minute this morning to update the judge about taking domestic violence and parenting classes. afterward he started choking up as he spoke of his wife who is visiting her country with their young son. >> i miss them terriblely. i want them to be okay. the city should never -- sorry -- make anybody feel not invited. . >> reporter: he wrote an opinion piece today because of a court order he and lopez can't have any contact but in her article lopez wrote be strong my dear know that my heart is next to you and you are the owe's everything.
10:25 pm
>> i view that as a love letter. it's about the best love letter i have gotten in this 13 weeks. >> reporter: he is pleaded guilty to false imprisonment in connection to a domestic violence case. in her column lopez wrote it was over a emotional misunderstanding about child custody issues. lopez likened his removal from office as politicly motivated. >> i presume she will come back but yes. >> reporter: he said he plans to fight already his job in the courts and before the san francisco ethics commission and the board of supervisors. in san francisco, rob roth. >> san francisco police say dozens of wanted parolees in jail after a city wide sweep.
10:26 pm
we saw pictures of some of the suspects, 50 people were booked on warrants on wednesday. 17 had parole violations, police chief said they are a deterrant letting them know they are opponent their case. >> dozens were arrested outside a nuclear weapon lab in the east bay. >> on behalf of the state of california i demand you leave immediately. if you fail to leave you will be arrested. >> reporter: we were there as 44 were arrested. they were blocking the main gate of the lab. the religious and anti nuclear groups have held their yearly protests at the lab for the past 30 years. the head of the federal government's nuclear commission said the power plant will remain off line as long as it takes to determine why tubes wearing out in the plant's steam generators.
10:27 pm
it's on the coast in northern san diego. its been shut down more than two months. initials warn the shut down could lead to rolling blackouts. >> lost and almost destroyed. now returned, a stranger finds treasured love letters. >> and bay area women turning passion into product. the power of women, fueling a fight on the campaign trail. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition.
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fiber one.
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float government issued its monthly jobs reports today and the news was mixed. march unemployment fell to 8.2% from 8.3% in february. that's largely because many americans stopped looking for work. employers added only 120,000 jobs, far short of what economists had expected.
10:30 pm
but it's important to remember jobs have grown since january. the candidates fighting over women's votes. a poll showed women voters favor the president over romney. new at ten we look at the growing economic and voting power of women. >> all right. >> reporter: for three hours two days a week. >> we will take a minute and think about what the issues are. >> reporter: a room of budding business people learn the business. >> we will need to discount prices because we are a new start up. >> reporter: of running a business. >> you get to do nothing. you are the queen. >> reporter: not a king in the lot. the women's initiative offers classes to low erin come women. >> if i were starting out i think i would probably lean toward the home base. >> reporter: teaching them how to use their creative passion and turn it into economic power. >> i love doing the work.
10:31 pm
the other part was how do you succeed doing that? how do you succeed. >> reporter: speaking at the forum the president said women should not be treated as a special interest group but as a driving force in the economy. in 2010 women employees became the majority. in the last four years the number of united states businesses has increased by 34% while the number of women owned businesses increased by 50%. >> calledself employment. it's the best way to handle your business and make sure you don't have to worry about losing your job. use your natural gifts and talents,. >> reporter: enrollment at the initiative is up during the economic down turn. maybe because if anyone knows how to turn lemons into lemonade it's women. >> we are really dedicated focused motivated and i think women are really hard workers and used to seeing problems and overcoming them. . >> reporter: in oakland. .
10:32 pm
>> turning to the race for the white house, romney and santorum took the day off but grin gingrich campaigned in delaware. he was asked about remarks, said he and his wife believe the augusta gulf club should be open to women. >> i just told them that it would be great to be the first woman member. >> i lovet. i welcome that opportunity. >> he said he understands private property rights but he said he believes that's wrong. the primary here in california is still two month away but ballots are on their way to california voters overseas. county election officials across the state started sending them out to those in the armed forces or temporarily living overseas this way they will have enough time to review the wal-marts and get them back by election day. >> new, from the north bay tonight a story of love lost
10:33 pm
and found. deborah live to tell us how some treasured letters finally found their way home. >> reporter: love letters 70 years old and headed for a goodwill dumpster until someone found them. >> if you only knew how much i would like to tell people you are my girlfriend. >> reporter: the words of a 19- year-old sailor at pearl harbor to the 15-year-old he was smitten with home in alameda. >> i know perfectly well i'm no prize package. >> reporter: enough of a prize she married him. as 66 year union, two daughters i full life. the letters forgotten and when they died last year the letters accidentally sold in the estate sale. >> they were from 1941 to 1944. >> reporter: enter lavonne a collector of treasures she buys and sels. she saw the air mail envelopes on a last chance table and when she opened them.
10:34 pm
>> a family has got to want this. this is a treasure. if this was may grandfather i would be -- so wrapped up in this story. >> reporter: a she tracked down linda and made the call. >> said i have your letters, your parent's letters. >> reporter: she just went oh my god and -- she got choked up. >> reporter: and now all 150 letters locked in a box to be saved slowly. >> others are blacked out. >> reporter: it's a trip back in time on some military censors and young love that lasted in to old age. >> probably by the time you are 18 you will have gone with many boys. >> reporter: meant to be together and their letters meant to be found by the right person. >> always thinking that everything is random in the universe but i wonder after this. >> reporter: she refused a
10:35 pm
reward. linda insisted on a gift of coffee and chocolate for her efforts. we are live. >> a san francisco health clinic is keeping open despite worries that financial problems would shut it down. thousands depend on the health clinic. today the group that ran the clinic collapsed but other groups have stepped in. one resident we talked to who didn't want to be identified said he feels the cuts in services. >> hard for people to get the services that they need you know. i mean it's making it harder down here for people to survive. >> the health clinic provides medical and dental care, counseling and hiv prevention. plans for two major hospital construction projects are moving forward. california pacific medical wants to build a new hospital at the site the old hotel. and it wants to rebuild saint luke's in the mission.
10:36 pm
the planning commission has given initial approval. the board of supervisors must make the final decision. >> she hasn't been seen in three weeks, the focus of form's search for sierra lama r and what her family is offering to help find her. >> coming up the warmest day eve the weekend and the one part of the bay area this could pick up a few sprinkles. >> and less rubber on the road. your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious.
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. >> an armored truck left dangle on the edge of a bridge after crashing on a freeway connector. it happened shortly before four on the connector between interstate five and ten. the chp said the truck has been spilling fluid but it's not clear what it is. the connector road remains closed tonight as crews work to remove the vehicle. volunteers in the south bay plan to resume the search for sierra tomorrow. professional search teams were in san martin and gilroy. its been three weeks since she vanished. authorities treating it as a kidnapping. also tomorrow the family is expected to announce details about a reward. >> a former high school teach fresh the central valley who left his family and job to move
10:40 pm
in with a former student was arrested today. police arrested james hooker on a count of sexuala boost they don't involve his current 18- year-old girlfriend. instead it's another former student who said she was in a relationship with him in 1998 when she was 17 years old. >> in news of the world in syria government forces stepped up assaults, first shelling then ground forces moved in. activists say the offensive appears to be aimed to stop any pockets of resistance. the government blames rebels. in north korea television issued a warning to the west while airing pictures of the leader. the warning said there would be punishment for any country that intercepts its planned long range rocket launch later this month. yesterday japan deployed anti missile batteries to be used if
10:41 pm
north kore's's rockets enters their air space. in paris 17 metla work era lifed to the eiffel tower. they are trying to save their jobs, they say the president is not doing enough to keep the plant open. their stagnant economy and high unemployment are two key issues. >> a youtube video adding fuel to the fire in a congressional probe of lavish spending at a conference. ♪ [ music ] . >> reporter: employees of the government services administration made this parody video as part of the conference joking about agency spending. the head resigned earlier this week along with several others, a congressman leading an investigation into the 820,000- dollar event. a congressional hearing is set for later this movement. it appears more people, especially young people are ditching their cars in favor of
10:42 pm
public transportation. according to a study, the number of miles driven by 16 to 34-year-old dropped 23% between 2001 and 2009. the number of miles traveled on public transportation rose 40%. researchers point to increased fuel prices, environmental awares in and a desire to live in urban areas with good public transportation. >> salmon season starts tomorrow. the difference this year being seal elaborated up and down the coast. >> and mark has the bay area forecast. where rain may fall this holiday weekend. astic! ring ring] progresso. they fit! awesome thank you ring, ring [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's... 40 flavors 100 calories or less and now my favorite old
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. >> tomorrow boats will start selling tickets to day long
10:45 pm
salmon fishing trips and why this season is going to be much different from the past few years. >> it's my life. it's my living, it's my heart. >> reporter: jacques lemansy is one of the longest serving salmon boat captains, 40 years and counting. . she said tomorrow's first full season in three years makes her feel like a little girl at christmas. >> my heart is going a mile a minute. i'm waiting for the big surprise for the salmon. >> reporter: frank says initial surveys show that as a result of almost no fishing in three years populations rebounding. >> by right it should be a goodyear. you know we are very superstition. we don't like to say anything until after it happens. >> reporter: counts so high the season has been extended. >> we knew april 7th and will extend to november 11th. i'm just so grateful for nature
10:46 pm
and so many things that are happening to bring them back. >> reporter: the bay area sport fishing fleet is so small and competition keen she said it's still a family. >> we all help each other, you call me any time and i -- know what's going on. the guys have room, goody. they can get on a boat. >> reporter: come tomorrow, this boat which is now doing bay tours becomes a salmon fishing boat. it's already booked the whole day long. ktvu. >> animal experts are using the plight of a young sea lion to shed light on the dangers of pupping season. a was named after the island where he was found a few weeks ago. now al is one of 64 recovering at the marine mammal center. if you so he -- if you see a beached seal pup the center said resist the urge to help it into the water and call its
10:47 pm
response line instead. >> the battle is on between a tv host and current tv. they fired him and then he filed a lawsuit for $50 million. today current tv filed a counter suit accusing him of breaching the terms of the c. he has said they violated his agreement. it was end of the line on american idol for san jose's fan but his fans are staying with him. >> a group of fans stood outside his school in san jose cheering for him. he made it to the final eight before he was voted off last night. on mornings on two he had a message for his bay area fans. >> i'm just so appreciative of this -- all your guys love and the fan mail and everything, just all the support. i love it. thank you so much. >> the singer is not quite
10:48 pm
done with american idol. he will take part in this summer's tour. >> a beautiful friday across the bay area. temperatures starting to warm up today and the warming trend will take us into the weekend. right now the maps you can see on the live storm tracker 2 the main cloud cover up to the north, we have clear sykes and as we result temperatures are cooling off. you can seat temperatures cooling off. the north bay in to the lower 30s. first thing start morning. this was the scene across the bay, a beautiful sunset, sunset was at 7:38 and there is that sunshine going down, a few high clouds but a fairly quiet weather pattern and for tonight mostly clear skies will continue to cool off. this weekend will be mild. the extended showers likely. we have more rain clouds
10:49 pm
showing up. here is the set up in the pacific with the clear sykes overhead right now. i'm tracking weather system here in the pacific. now for saturday, high pressure remains in charge and it'll strengthen so as a result tomorrow will be warmer than today. warmest location flirting the 70-degree mark. here say safe range from the upper 50s to the upper 60's. this weather system. approaches the coastline, latest forecast model backing off on the shower potential but still the chance of a few sprinkles, chance of a slight shower in the north bay by late sunday. for the most part fair skies, even down toward the south bay as well. shows up nicely with the forecast model as you can see into saturday. here is saturday. plenty of clear sykes out there. we will take it into sunday. starting out dry and clear but then a few high clouds in to the northern portions of the area and this front basically just fizzles out over the north bay by late sunday afternoon and into sunday night this
10:50 pm
could trigger spring manies as you can see here and then -- a few more showers into next week. lake tahoe forecast, plenty of sun, temperatures on track to it reach the 50s for saturday and sun. here say look at your numbers, pacifica 59, santa rosa 66, san mateo64 and here is the easter forecast starting out with fair sykes, a nice recovery in to the afternoon. a few extra high clouds by four in the afternoon. here is a look ahead. the five-day with the weekend always in view. this weekend looks nice. little warmer and then that chance of a shower for monday but a better -- more impressive storm could move in by tuesday of next week. the timing just right and the latest forecast model backing off on the sunday shower potential. >> good stuff. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> a key san francisco project could be in danger now that the state is in danger of losing
10:51 pm
its funding. the way it's funded has been declared unconstitutional. the agency is currently reviewing quake risk ares to san francisco's water delivery system. the governor's office said it's now looking in to other ways to try to fund the commission. a crop of religious leaders lead a stations of the cruise procession through san francisco today with a twist. organizers say they wanted to tie the good friday ritual of the plight of the homeless to -- to the plight of the homeless and disabled and to social justice. one of them wore a hoodie. he said to remember martin, and other young african americans lost to violence. >> have you checked your numbers? fewer than half of the 29 california people who won part of the mega millions lottery have cashed in. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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. >> california didn't have any big winners in last week's drawing but there were plenty of second prize ticket but most of them haven't been claim. lottery officials say only 12 of 29 tickets have been turned in. 17 are unclaimed. each is worth almost $228,000. tickets had the five winning numbers but not the 6th mega number. winners have 180 days the date of the drawing to claim the
10:55 pm
prize. >> all right. mark is here now. baseball the a's opening game. i can't remember the last time it was a sell out. >> it's got to get better than that but you know opening night you expect a good crowd and it'll be tough tore draw fans later in the year but the one big reason they will show up later this summer, one and only highlight oakland had tonight. that was after gene throws out the first pitch as they celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the world championship. seattle in this one, four in the third up, brandon, it would have them unearned and the big hit the third baseman a two run single. they both have a 5-0 lead. the highlight -- just a huge shot. he will stand and admire it, 462 feet. it was a two run shot, cut the deficit to 5-2 but 7-3 the final and eight straight
10:56 pm
opening day defeats for the a's at home. meantime hard pill for the giants and it wasn't a happy pill. until proven otherwise, arizona still the best in the west at least for now. san francisco, diamondbacks have their number. that would hold few authority this. that would be paul, against tim and at this point of a home run he had been six for ten with three long balls off the freak. early 3-0 lead but they climb back into it. cabrera in his first game with the giants had a double and this laser that leaves the yard, two run shot and eventually the giants pull even. in to the 6th but they load the bases against him and ryan roberts, shot into the corner, that's a two run double. tim on the day, five and a third, five runs given up and the loss as he leaves after that hit and, 17 earned runs in his last four starts verses
10:57 pm
arizona. they do have his number. instead of having one for the ages at augusta, we may have one for the agents, it's possible freddy could check in as the oldest golf golfer to win a major. tiger, three or 75, the parr 36th and he knew it, a bit to much club and way on into the potronage. mickelson has it going on. left with a bird at 18. finishing touches on a round of four under 68. three back of jason and couples at nine with a 40-foot bird. one of accept for him. he won it back in 1992. that is the sporting line up. a great easter weekend.
10:58 pm
how cool. >> that's it. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> and the morning news, the latest on the new reward and the search effort for soria lamar sierra lamar. @@
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